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Professional French Voiceover Services

Your French Voiceover Pro.

Feminine friendly, commercial, relatable, upbeat, warm voice.

I also record in European English and Spanish with moderate to strong accents upon request.

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Corporate Films & Animations

Samsung  Advertising (Broadcast)

TV Commercials & Web Advertising

Nutella TV Advert ( Cover )

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About me

Bonjour! My name is Amandine Aïchoun and I am a professional voice over artist. I am a trained actor and voice, on stage, on and off camera. I am French, based on the French Riviera in Nice and speak fluent English and Spanish.

I am equipped with a professional broadcast recording studio, so I usually record remotely with all over the world, but can also record externally upon request.

I have voiced for national brands, institutions, TV channels and companies of all sizes a variety of projects : Radio Adverts, TV Commercials, Corporate films, documentaries, E-Learning, mobile apps. I am also the female voice of a national dance & house music Radio Station broadcasting my voice on all the jingles on a daily basis.

I am keen to voice your project. Feel free to reach out and discuss.

My Voice, Your Vision,

My Mission.


Amandine Aïchoun

Recording Studio

Equipped with high quality and professional soundproof acoustic booth (VicBooth), and with STAM Audio SA 47 FET Microphone, I am able to record in optimal conditions, remotely, no matter where you are based. 

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