TV Commercials & Web Advertising

Make your brand shine into the French market. 

 Grab the attention of your target audience with a clear and engaging voice for your specific niche.

Nutella TV Advert ( Cover )

Lays TV Advert ( Cover )

Parfum Montblanc TV Advert ( Cover )

Corporate Films & Animations

Bring persuasive and enticing quality to your corporate scripts with a voiceover that adds a professional and authoritative touch.

Samsung  (Broadcast)

Zou (Broadcast)

Radio Ads

Choose authenticity and captivate your listeners with a warm, upbeat or charismatic voice. 

Radio FG Official Voice

I am the French female voice for all the  jingles, liners, program and game presentations aired on French Radio station FG. FG DJ Radio is a French national radio station that revealed to the world artists like David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig … making an impact on the electro, house and dance scene worldwide.  Each week, the station broadcasts exclusive pre-released tracks, reaching over 1,2 million listeners.

Radio FG Paris 98.2 (33+ channels in France including webradios)

FG Dj Radio Liners ,Promos And Jingles

Buddha Bar

Training & E-Learning Materials

Bring educational content to life with a clear articulate voice, making complex subjects easily understandable.

Voiceover English ( Cover )

Voiceover Spanish ( Cover )

Phone Messaging & Announcements

Ensure a professional customer experience for your Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR), phone messaging or corporate announcements.

Phone Messaging FR & EN


Multilingual Voiceovers

Cater to international audience and expand the reach of your projects : fluent in 3 languages I can voice your projects in English, French, Spanish.

English : Modarete French accent

Spanish : Modarete French accent

Documentary Films & Narration

Choose an expressive voice to transport your listeners into your captivating worlds and stories.

Pablo Picasso’s Life on the French Riviera

Broadcast on French Riviera, Tourism Office, Mougins, full video available on request

Unicef (Broadcast)

Choose an expressive voice to transport your listeners into your captivating worlds and stories.

Entertainment & Fiction

Journalist and TV Show Presenter Characters

A versatile voice that can bring personality to your characters, animated shows, movies, creating memorable and relatable experiences for your listeners and viewers.

Some of these characters can be heard in a short movie currently broadcast on Canal+ and OCS French TV channels

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